Everest Decor

Everest Decor is known for its exterior painting services for both residential and commercial purposes in the South-West London circuit. We do not only take into account the aesthetic perspective when working on your property, but we also don’t make any compromises on the quality whatsoever. Understanding how moisture, sunlight and temperature changes can severely damage external wood, metal, and masonry, we at Everest Decor make sure that our team is working not only to enhance your property visually but also to ensure that it is perfect for the long-lasting wear.


Workmanship is another prominent aspect of exterior painting that shines through to the viewer at a glance. Our experienced and professional team of workers is fully equipped with the best of tools and the latest of painting equipment including quality paints for various surfaces, paint brushes, rollers and a range of other materials and advanced tools.


Durability is a very significant factor that comes into play where painting the exterior is concerned. The exterior is subject to a range of changing factors and weather conditions, and a professional team of painters and decorators will always make sure to pay as much attention to the quality as the aesthetics.


When it comes to our external services, our work begins with the removal of decayed areas including but not limited to the removal of rotten wood from window frames, loose render and/or weak brick mortar. After this, we prepare the surfaces against all weather variables and apply the appropriate weather-proofing solutions to ensure maximum protection. This is followed by the two to three coats of high-quality paint, varnish as well as another finishing product, depending on the surface.